5 lipsticks, one Jennifer Lopez

Or how to wear a different shade of lipstick from Monday to Friday

Several years ago, my vanity case was packed with more lipsticks, in shades very close to each other. I distinctly remember that, one day, my boyfriend at the time asked me why on earth do I carry several lipsticks if they are all the same. Well, obviously, they were not quite the same, but, truth be told, the differences were pretty small – at least for a man. In the meantime, I’ve changed my ways (boyfriend, too, but that’s another story): I wear various shades, depending on my overall make-up, my outfit and mood J. I got inspired by the stars’ make-up looks: for instance, Jennifer Lopez uses various colors on the lips and always looks fabulous. Check out five examples below. 



Jennifer wears a natural make-up, with elongated eyelashes, just a bit of bronzing powder and this nude lipstick, with a slight orange tinge. It’s the perfect choice for a day make-up, as well as for the evenings you go for smoky eyes. The right product: Pure Color Envy from Estee Lauder.



This tint of sweet brown always flatters Jennifer! Again, she chose this lipstick for a natural make-up, with an emphasis on the eyes – here too, we distinguish brownish hues and very long eyelashes. When to wear a brown lipstick? That’s simple: any time of the day. The right product: High Impact Lip Colour from Clinique



At a nude evening dress, Jennifer Lopez has opted for a make-up with touches of color. On the eyelids she’s wearing pink eye shadows, but with an orange tinge, and for the lips she has chosen a pink lipstick – by the way, a very natural one. The right product: Rouge Interdit de la Givenchy.



If you wear a red lipstick, you really don’t need anything else. Of course, with the exception of a well-chosen foundation and an amazing mascara. The red lipstick is eye-catching, and Jennifer knows it too well, as she’s wearing it very often. The right product: Instant Light Beauty Perfector from Clarins. 



The color of wine is in the spotlight every season and is the ideal option for a dramatic make-up that flatters Jennifer so well: black contoured eyes, brown eye shadow and burgundy lips… Just give it a try! The right product: Veiled Rouge from Shiseido.

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