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The coolest accessories inspired from the stewardesses’ uniforms

I have to confess that every time I fly I can’t help checking out the stewardesses’ uniforms – I sometimes even thought I would love to be able to borrow an accessory (or more) and wear it with my day outfits. Well, obviously, it seems the designer were ahead of me and already thought of it. And not only that they thought of it, but also created scarfs, bags, shoes or sunglasses inspired from the uniforms of the smiling and beautiful flight attendants. And the accessories look wow, starting with the color combination: white, red and blue.
So far so good, but which are the most appealing and out-of-box accessories? Well, I tried to put together a short list. I did a small (that’s an understatement, of course) research, chose the most powerful pieces, just to find out, as always, that the drama has just begun: there are so many things I like and, honestly, I don’t know how much I can help myself from pushing the “Order now” button.
Back to reality and facts: the coolest bags are signed by Thom Browne and – no wonder, here – Gucci. Both are white with red and blue stripes and exquisite golden detailing. And, even more amazing, both are a perfect fit for the Giorgio Armani sandals, the very ones I dream about day and night: they have the same shades of color, plus the transparent insertions adorned with tiny, delicate crystals.

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