The white shirt

Or how to update a timeless piece and be in trend

Being in tune with the new trends doesn’t mean to change your entire wardrobe every six months. It would be pure madness! It’s enough to find the right accessories and to create new trendy looks. Hint: start with the classic and simple white shirt. You’ll thank me later 🙂



Trend: chains

Get the look: Choose an oversized link necklace, like the one from Michael Kors. Open two buttons to your shirt and… that’s all! This look does marvelous even with a small chain bag – for me, the Furla Metropolis bag works great. In any color!


Trend: masculine

Get the look: Steal something from your boyfriend’s wardrobe. Don’t worry, he’ll never notice anyway! What? Of course, his cufflinks! Wear them with your white shirt. And add something from your jewelry box: a cuff bracelet. A pair of black pants and a black and white Armani Jeans bag are the only things you still need.




Trend: floral

Get the look: Wear your white shirt with a floral printed skirt or pants. But then again, there are no musts here: you can choose only floral accessories – a Furla floral bag, for instance. Add a flower-shaped necklace and ring with the oh-so-bright Swarovski crystals.


Trend: mirror

Get the look: Mix your white shirt with a powerful statement piece: a silver skirt or even a pair of silver pants, the ones with a mirror-like texture. And if you’ve come so far, go all the way: choose the shiniest necklace and the sparkliest handbag you can find.


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