Top 5 pairs of earrings

That we hopelessly fell in love with

 I don’t know about you, but I have a passion for earrings. And it’s fairly recent: I went from the tiny-tiny stud earrings to the statement models – which often are the point of interest of any minimalist outfit. Even more, I’ve taken the liberty to wear them whenever I feel like it, even in the middle of the day. Because fashion is not so strict anymore: you make the rules!



The Morellato starry earrings

The first thing that drew me to them was their design. As simply like stars. And the stainless steel Morellato earrings, adorned with crystals, shine magically especially now, in the warm sunny days. They are 3 centimeters long, so there is nothing conspicuous about them and can be worn to the office or with jeans and high heels.


The Michael Kors Brilliance earrings

They are golden and adorned with shiny crystals. And yes, they attract all eyes. Everybody will want to see them up-close and will ask you: “Where have you got them?” From Michael Kors. Wear them with a classic cocktail dress or with an outfit with a touch of punk: ripped jeans and studded shoes.




The round Emporio Armani earrings

This pair can be worn as well with so many outfits – less with the sporty ones. But, to focus on this season’s trend, they wil look sensational with a Spanish inspired ruffled dress or blouse. Or with a romantic and airy dress. But I wouldn’t like to influence you: they are still cool even with a simple white shirt.


The Swarovski Drop earrings

The special glow of the Swarovski crystals needs no introduction. Any of the brand’s jewelry takes your eyes. But you may wonder how did I come to choose these ones out of so many options? Because, hey, summer is here! We need to shine, and we need colors. Wear a white dress, these colored earrings and a pair of multicolored sandals. Hmm, perhaps there is something else you might add: your irresistible smile. 




The Swarovski Cypress earrings

Again, we are talking about the brightest crystals, but also about a very elegant model. The tear dropped-shaped Cypress earrings from Swarovski will be a hit with any evening outfit. You can wear them alone, with no other jewel, and they will be the highlight of your look.

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