5 jewel-perfumes

Exquisite aromas in precious bottles

The success of a perfume undoubtedly means an aroma that seduces you on the spot. But have you ever wondered what exactly makes you pick it off the shelf, out of so many others? Why did you decide to try that certain one in particular? Well, because you enjoy beautiful things and you want to be surrounded by objects that are pleasing to the eye. And a fabulous bottle of perfume, just like a gem, calls for you: Hey, I’m here! Pick me! That’s why we’ve selected for you five perfumes that look like jewelry. Not only will you fall in love with their aromas, but also with their carefully crafted bottles that would sit just fine in your cosmetics cabinet. And which, by the way, make some great gift ideas.


Ajmal, Unveil Concentrated

A gourmand fragrance that mixes floral and fruity notes, thus taking your senses into a journey in the mysterious and wonderful world of the Orient. The apple, jasmine, raspberry and orange blossom notes are majestically combined with woody essences, musk and sandalwood. And the tiny bottle is just like a golden precious stone, with multicolored irisations of green, purple, blue and red.


Shaik, Opulent Gold

It’s a sophisticated and extravagant perfume, suitable for special occasions. It contains notes of rose, orchid, pink pepper, tonka beans, leather, musk, sandalwood. The perfume’s bottle is adorned with lots of details and it’s crafted with the same attention a jeweler would treat a precious gem. The traditional Arab elements are combined with some modern ones, and the metallic accents are plated with 18 karat pink gold.


Yves Saint Laurent, Manifesto Le Parfum

A more intense and sophisticated version of the first Manifesto fragrance created in 2012, Le Parfum contains bergamot, iris, jasmine, sandalwood and tonka beans. And the bottle design will simply dazzle you: it’s golden, same as a jewel, and it’s adorned with a purple stone that makes you think of an Amethyst.


Thierry Mugler, Alien Divine Collector

This eau de toilette has a special composition containing Sambac jasmine, cashmeran and white amber. The ingredients are kept in a bottle inspired by an amethyst, only that now it looks more glamorous than ever: it is decorated with amazing golden particles.


Paco Rabanne, Lady Million

An eau de perfume created around luxury – that’s why its bottle takes the shape of an extremely valuable yellow multifaceted diamond. The aroma matches the look: a stunning blend of patchouli, honey, amber, orange blossom, jasmine, raspberry and lemon notes.

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