Thierry Mugler’s limited edition fragrance is already making waves

Meet Etoile des Rêves, the women’s new scented obsession

When asked about the inspiration that brought Angel to life, Thierry Mugler said: “I wanted to have a touch so sensual with this fragrance that you almost want eating the person you love.” So he created this gourmand-oriental fragrance, a scented star with celestial facets that reveal themselves each more sensual and alluring than the one before it.
This happened in 1992, and since then, we’ve seen more stars being born in Mugler’s laboratory of addictive scents. The perfumes developed an enticing aura which captured the reassured sensuality of modern angels, flying on the wings of femininity and self-confidence.
Etoile des Rêves is the latest star of the Angel series, but somehow it’s different. You’ll find in it the gourmand composition that holds its name, wrapped in a smooth veil of silky notes that gives to the very same name a whole new meaning.
And it is not a coincidence. Thinking of it as “a delicate neglijee of scent”, the perfumers of Etoile de Rêves added to the original composition large quantities of white musk, creating the illusion of silk lingerie and cashmere blankets.
We’ve all witnessed to its evolution over time. From this ingénue, sweet young woman, to a modern and allusive femme fatale, wrapped in a silky veil of sensuality. Etoile de Rêves is different but nevertheless it still wears the signature of Thierry Mugler and the first Angel ever created. As unwrapped of the silky veil of pure seduction, she is still this innocent girl dreaming of the same sky and gazing at the same stars.

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