Top 5 delicious aromas for winter

No, I’m not thinking of mulled wine and cinnamon. But to the fabulous perfumes for winter

Winter means change – the shift to cashmere sweaters, cozy scarves, hot chocolate and a new perfume. It’s time for your summer favorite fragrance (most likely, light, citric or floral) to get a well-deserved vacation. Below are five of the most desired aromas for this winter.


Burberry, My Burberry Black

It was inspired by the aromas that linger after the storm in a flower-filled garden. The eau de perfume bottle is decorated with a black gabardine bow – a tribute to Thomas Burberry who invented this fabric more than 100 years ago. Main notes: rose, peach, amber, jasmine, patchouli.


Calvin Klein, Deep Euphoria

The new eau de perfume from the Euphoria franchise tells the story of a strong woman, enjoying life – every moment of it. Deep Euphoria’s image is actress Margot Robbie. Main notes: black rose, jasmine, peony, white pepper, musk.


Gucci, Guilty Platinum

Inspired by the universe of creative designer Alessandro Michele, this eau de toilette in limited edition embodies the spirit of the holidays. It has a metallic bottle, in shades of platinum. Main notes: geranium, pink pepper, peach, lilac, amber, patchouli.


Marc Jacobs, Divine Decadence

With a touch of champagne, the eau de perfume Divine Decadence is sparkling and effervescent. Its aroma is slightly more discreet and only a little sweeter than the original edition. Main notes: bergamot, orange blossom, gardenia, champagne, vanilla, amber, saffron.


Prada, La Femme

An eau de toilette containing a mix of spicy and floral notes, which fits perfectly with L’Homme Prada – a scented duo that can be an inspired gift for the Holidays. Main notes: frangipani, tuberose, vanilla, iris, vetiver, ylang-ylang.

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