5 bad habits that harm your skin

What do you say: can you give them up?

Even if we use the most performing serums, even if we own the best facemasks and, lastly, even if we indulge our skin, daily, with the best quality creams, well, they won’t – and can’t – provide the expected results if we don’t get rid of our bad habits.

Okay, that doesn’t mean that they have no effect: I don’t even want to think about how our skin would look like – for those of us who have bad habits –, if we wouldn’t use these marvelous skin care products. But, on the other hand, I imagine the wonders these miraculous products would have, if we’d be more careful with our skin’s health. And that would mean to…


…Pay attention to what you eat

And that doesn’t mean a drastic diet! Far from it. It’s just about a bit of control. Or, better said, moderation. Nobody says you should give up French fries altogether, to exclude any spicy snack, or say goodbye to cookies forever. No! But if you incorporate them in your everyday menu, your skin certainly won’t look good (not to say that they’re not healthy at all for your organism). The solution would be to consume them with measure and to compensate with fresh fruit and vegetables. And lots of water.


…Don’t empty the entire champagne bottle

One or two glasses of champagne are almost always welcome. But alcohol dehydrates. And, besides feeling creepy the next day, you’ll also have an unpleasant image when you look in the mirror. Consume alcohol with moderation and drink as much water as possible!


…Going to sleep without removing your make-up

No matter how long the party lasted, it’s important not to fall asleep with your makeup on your face. Even if you had a regular day and you didn’t use any makeup, its removal shouldn’t miss from your daily care routine – morning and evening – just like brushing your teeth.


…Not using a SPF cream

As much as you might love the sun, you should know it’s not skin friendly – but a potential enemy. Solar radiations are responsible for the emergence of ageing signs, mainly wrinkles and spots. Use SPF products regardless of the season. Even if it’s not that strong, bear in mind that the sun is very noxious even in winter.


…Not having enough sleep

It’s not in vane that we keep talking about the beauty sleep. The eight hours of sleep help the skin enormously – not to say that you’ll feel much better when you’re rested. During sleep, the skin regenerates, and you can help this process by using special night creams or serums.

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