#BeautyTips: The care routine for the skin fatigue

The best plan for a fresh, healthy skin

Nights in which you’ve slept too little, work-related stress, or pollution… All of them can be seen on your face. Your skin needs to regenerate, and for this to happen, you need a plan. You can fix the signs of tiredness in real time, so you can look fresh from morning till evening.

Did you know that our skin never sleeps? During sleep, our skin is regenerating, while during the day, it fights against the daily aggressions: UV rays, pollution – mainly in the major cities –, stress, tobacco… Basically, plenty of threats to defend you against! And, at the same time, it needs to be protected. Otherwise, it becomes tern, loses its firmness, leading to the appearance – or augmentation – of the eye bags or wrinkles. And all of these are the signs of the skin fatigue.

Okay, but what’s to do? First, start with the mandatory actions: removing your make-up and tonifying your skin every morning and evening. Without these two steps, no cream – no matter how advanced its formula is – can truly help. And yes, you also need to apply a cream, again every morning and night. Opt for a cream or a serum that fights against fatigue.


The skin regenerates at night

And that means to sleep enough. Otherwise, as soon as you look in the mirror, you’ll see the fatigue signs again. Ideally, you need to sleep eight hours every night. Less sleep doesn’t just mean a tired complexion, but also more wrinkles. Clinical studies have shown that women who sleep less age faster: wrinkles occur earlier, are deeper, the skin is less firm, ultimately losing its elasticity and glow.

Okay, so, again, what’s to do? Besides the eight hours of sleep, besides make-up removal and tonifying your, apply every evening a special night cream. It may be a hydrating, anti-winkle or rejuvenating one, depending on your skin’s needs. Also, don’t forget about the serum and special treatments, which act while you sleep, or the night masks, which are a real breakthrough in the field: you need to apply one only once a week. Sleep with it on the face and you’ll see the difference – a precious one – even the next morning.


Take care of the skin around your eyes

It’s the most fragile and sensitive area, you already know that. Here the wrinkles appear first. That’s why the eye care products should be a must in your care routine. Pick a serum and a cream, depending on your skin’s needs: hydrating, anti-wrinkle, or against the dark circles… Apply it in the morning and evening with extremely delicate gestures. Some dermatologists even suggest applying the eye cream with your ring finger, just because it has less power – so you’ve got fewer chances to stress the skin. And if you wake up in the morning with puffy eyes, you can place on your eyelids, for a few seconds, two small stainless steel spoons that have been stored, in advance, in the freezer.

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