10 things you probably didn’t know about Victoria’s Secret

About the Victoria’s Secret angels, about the most expensive piece of lingerie in the world and other things that will amaze you - read number 7!

  1. Victoria’s Secret Fashion Shows, launched in 1995, cost a fortune! It is said, on average, the cost of a show is $12 million.
  2. The famous Fantasy Bra costs nearly as much as a fashion show. Victoria’s Secret works with famous jewelers, who incrust precious stones on these bras. Otherwise, the Fantasy Bra is the central piece of every show.
  3. In 2001, the brand created a Fantasy Bra that was worth $12.5 million and even entered the Guinness Book, as the most expensive piece of lingerie ever created. It had 1200 pink sapphires from Sri Lanka, and the central piece was a 90-carat emerald, that valued by itself, back then, $10.6 million. Another $12.5 million bra was created in 2005, but according to Guinness World Records, it’s was not as valuable and special as the first one.
  4. The opportunity to wear wings at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is a great achievement for any model.
  5. It seems that it’s not easy, though, to wear angel’s wings. In 2011, Alessandra Ambrosio wore on the catwalk some wings covered with over 105,000 Swarovsky crystals. Glam, huh? Only that these wings were weighing over 18 kilos.
  6. The famous Adriana Lima has the longest collaboration with Victoria’s Secret as the “angel” of the brand. Her first appearance in a Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was in 1999. Even though, at the end of 2017, there were rumors that Adriana might stop this collaboration, the model denied all the gossip.
  7. Women from all over the world love this brand – and love it so much that they would risk their freedom for it! There are some famous shoplifting cases of women who stole lingerie from the US stores. And we’re not talking about a piece or two! News announced as a woman stole $24,000 worth of lingerie, another of $30,000… and another stole 86 bras! Yeah, so much love for lingerie is rare. Yet a reckless love, which was punished by the law.
  8. A man launched Victoria’s Secret brand. Roy Raymond wanted to buy some lingerie for his wife. He went into a shop, but he didn’t feel comfortable at all. Quite the contrary. The sales-women were, literally, following him with eagle’s eyes, like an intruder: on the hangers were cotton and printed nylon evening robes, one more uninspired than the other. And that’s how he came up with the idea of launching his own lingerie brand. In 1977, Roy Raymond borrowed $80,000 and opened Victoria’s Secret, a place where even the men who wanted to buy lingerie for their wives would feel good.
  9. But who is Victoria? Many women wonder where from the name Victoria comes? Well, it’s not the name of a woman, but rather the way Roy, being inspired by the Victorian era, chose to decorate the stores. “Secret” was added to emphasize the idea of intimacy.
  10. In 2017, there were over 1600 Victoria’s Secret stores in the world. And, now, there’s one in Romania.
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