#BeautyTips: 6 golden rules for a bronze that lasts

And that doesn't fade after you're back from vacation

Who doesn’t like a tanned skin? Let’s be honest: we want to be bronzed from the first summer days, and not show up on the beach as Snow White. So we call on the magic self-tanning products – otherwise, the healthiest choice. Yet, we love the warmth of the sun on our skin. Just as well as we like the bronze we get on holiday, especially while we are careful and use sunscreen products to protect ourselves from the ultraviolet rays. Yet the bronze fades – it’s natural. Luckily, there are a few tricks that help us keep it longer. And no, it’s not difficult, so it’s worth a try.


  1. Exfoliate your skin the day before the holiday. So the dead cells are removed and you don’t need to repeat the procedure right after you get back from your vacation. It’s well known that the scrub will reduce the tan.
  2. You still need exfoliation, but a delicate one. This time, try using just a brush with which to massage the dry skin before the shower. Or, in the shower, use a sponge that helps exfoliation.
  3. Choose the most moisturizing and creamy shower gel, possibly one based on oil. Forget about the hot water and try to wash yourself with water as cold as possible. It also helps any circulation issues, not just extending the bronze.
  4. And yes, hydrate your skin! It’s one of the most important rules! Use a body butter or a strong moisturizing cream daily. And drink plenty of water to prevent skin drying.
  5. Find a product that prolongs the bronze. And don’t use it only when you get back home, but after every single holiday day. I needn’t say anymore that, after sun exposure, it’s extremely important to use a special hydration product, right?
  6. Avoid waxing. Because with the unwanted hair, the bronze will go away as well.
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