Victoria’s Secret, now also in Romania

We've got good news: The first Victoria's Secret boutique has just opened at the BestValue shop within the Henri Coanda Otopeni International Airport

Victoria’s Secret Romania

That means that, from now on, you no longer have to go through thick and thin to buy your favorite lingerie, perfumes and body creams – the ones that you’ve been craving, wanting, longing for all of this time. Well, luckily, you now have a Victoria’s Secret boutique in Bucharest. I’m sure that’s a piece of great news (maybe even a reason to buy a plane ticket!), especially if you’re one of the countless women that were super-happy when a friend would leave for the UK or USA, just to… well, yes, just to get to ask the lucky traveler to bring back from over there a few pairs of sexy panties!

Which, by the way, was not at all easy, as the friend who would leave on vacation had a full agenda: to gather whole lists of models and sizes, and come back home with lots of pieces of lingerie. Some wouldn’t fit the requests, but who cared? It was lingerie from Victoria’s Secret. That was important! That was the secret!

And, of course, there’s that moment you were the one who would leave. And, of course, you were looking forward to that day you’re gonna spend shopping (everything agreed and set beforehand with your boyfriend, so he would be patient, and not rush you). And, at Victoria’s Secret, you could’ve spent the whole day, as you had plenty of sexy lingerie choices, and you’d like more models than you have ever imagined, so you’d have to make a selection.

Then, yeah, you had to buy what your friends asked for, just as they did that for you. And, of course, you’d stay and test some perfumes (until you couldn’t distinguish a new one), body creams, gloss assortments… a real treat in a store that every woman would absolutely love.

And that has just opened up in Bucharest. More specifically, within the BestValue Shop, at Henri Coanda Otopeni International Airport – the International Departures Terminal. Meaning that you’ll want to get to the airport as early as possible, so that you’ll have time to shop. Or, damn it, you’re gonna look for a cheap plane ticket, whatever the destination.

Because you just don’t want to go anywhere, you just wanna get to the airport and do some shopping. And when you find the tickets to the price of a taxi ride, it really deserves to do that. And, yes, you’re gonna take your friends with you, so that you’ll be able to choose, tranquilly, what you want, and get rid of the chore: doing their shopping. Plus, you’re gonna need some time to pick your favorite panties, to try out a new gloss, a body cream, a bath product, a new perfume – and, eventually, having to decide whether you need to buy also a bag or a gorgeous suitcase to match your purchases.

Ah, and one more secret: from now on, you’re not gonna be able to say you’re getting bored at the airport, just waiting to board the plane. Just make sure you don’t lose it! 🙂

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