Top 5 summer bags

That will complete your favorite outfits

I already arranged my clothes in the wardrobe: I hid the thick sweaters and the coats and placed on hangers my summer dresses and my favorite T-shirts. And one day, when I was just about to get out of the house with my favorite bag, I realized that it was no longer appropriate: black, with pony hair leather inserts. Puff, only a little fur was missing! So I’ve switched it with one of my favorite bags from last summer and I said to myself that maybe it’s time I bought a new one. But what it’ll be: leather, print or uni?


Prints and colors

When I don’t have to go to the office, take my laptop and my notebook with me, I like to wear a small, elegant bag that fits the bare necessities: money, keys, phone and lipstick. The Furla Metropolis mini bags are now accessible in lots of colors and prints, each one more stunning than the other. My mind got stuck on the strong pink one, on which adorable squirrels are printed!



The casual attires are perfectly complemented by this crossover bag from Guess: it has colorful stripes in shades of gray, pink and red. It goes impeccably with loose T-shirts and blouses, denim pieces, sports shoes and flat sandals. It has a long belt – it can be worn on the shoulder, so you’ll have your hands free.


A mix of prints

Desigual comes, as usual, with some fabulous proposals that define the brand’s characteristics: a mix of the most varied and colorful prints – polka dots, stripes, fruits and flowers. And altogether, they look really great! I’m talking about a larger, oversized bag, so it’s also perfectly suitable even for the shopping days.


Flowers and golden details

For smart-casual or elegant outfits, Coccinelle proposes an absolutely superb shoulder bag: it has small prints – triangles and flowers – in pink and golden shades, on a light green background. It’s a wonderful accessory for the uni summer dresses or the white shirts worn with jeans and high-heels.


Black and White

The backpack from Piquadro is not only practical, but also very cool! It has a special place for your laptop and enough space for whatever you want to take with you – a book, a scarf, a phone charger, a camera or a change of clothes. It’s suitable for a weekend getaway or a relaxing afternoon in the park.

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