Put on your sunglasses

And don’t take them off!

Any sunny day is about sunglasses. They are a cool accessory, and not only – you already know it, the sun protection filter lenses take care of your eyes. But now, honestly, that’s not why we wear them. It’s because – just as I said at the beginning – they’re damn cool. Almost every outfit looks better with a pair of sunglasses. And we’ve got so used to them that we sometimes forget to take them off. And, here’s the question: do we really have to?

One day I was out shopping with a friend. We went into several stores, looking at this and that, until she suddenly asks me, laughing, if I’m OK. I am very well, I tell her, waiting to find out what I had done wrong. And she tells that I still have my sunglasses on.

Anyway, I could see very well, I didn’t even realized it. And I didn’t deliberately leave then on – however, walking through the shops with sunglasses is rather farfetched. Otherwise, they would have probably bothered me at some point, when, for example, I would have wanted to find out if the silk blouse is nude or nude-pink :). However, on the other hand, the rules are no longer so strict: Rihanna wore sunglasses on the red carpet at Cannes, with an evening dress. And she’s not the only one: the stars started to wear them with stylish outfits at refined parties. So it’s pretty clear that the sunglasses are slightly becoming more present, even in situations where one would never imagine seeing them — just like the ones above.

OK, but we’re not all celebrities, we don’t go to Cannes every year, nor do we feel comfortable, day after day, wearing extravagant looks. But, as the rules in fashion are getting more flexible every year, now we can wear sunglasses at a garden party, even till sunset. Especially if we have a cool pair, such as the ones below!

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