Top 5 kids luggage

Invest in a carry-on travel luggage, specially created for your little ones

Let’s just turn back time a little: do you remember the vacations with your parents? When you would go to the mountains or the seaside, and all things were beautifully wrapped in their suitcases? Well, times have changed: today, we have a wide range of travel luggage, in a variety of shapes and colors, specially designed for the little ones. The children will be very happy to have their own baggage, especially if it’s fun and colorful. And, moreover, there is a practical side: the little kids will learn to take care of their luggage and be responsible. To be in charge.
And when you get to your destination, you’ll know exactly where the clothes and the toys of the small ones are, without having to look for them through your luggage. Yet another argument: the new travel bags are created from sustainable materials, so they will enjoy them for summers to come.
Below, a few suggestions: from the famous Trunki luggage – that the little ones can sit on, due to their specific shape – to those from Govinci, with a surface that children can color on, in the long hours, waiting at the airport. Fun, isn’t it?

Enjoy your kids and your holiday!

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