Which are the coolest make-up products you can find only in a duty free

Which you can order online before you even arrive at the airport.

I always like to get to the airport earlier. On one hand, I hate to be in a hurry and to run towards the check-in. On the other hand, there’s another reason: I simply adore walking through the airport shop checking out the new products. And, yes, your dilemma is right: why do I do it just before the departure?! Because I always hopelessly fall in love with a cosmetic set or some products which I would never find in the city. And that’s because they are only available in the duty free shops. And it seems I’m not the only one: even my boyfriend gets a set of perfumes or an after shave from the duty free. Go wonder! It’s true, he decides more quickly – he knows exactly what he is looking for – and we sometimes talk about the classic shopping situation story (on my side, I must admit): “Why does it takes so long? Haven’t you tried them all, already? And, no, I can’t help you between the two palettes of make-up, I told you you ten times already I am clueless.” Fortunately, I solved this problem and now I can order online my favorite products at duty free prices: right from the moment I’ve bought my airline ticket. I get it all at home, and no longer have to wait on the departure day. And my boyfriend is happy: he doesn’t have to wait while I discover all the new goodies – I already know them! Below are the products that I like the most and which are only available only online on bestvalue.eu.


Lancome Eye Need It set

It truly contains everything you need for your eyes: the Genifique eye cream that moisturizes and has an anti-wrinkle action; the black khol pencil; the Hypnose mascara, for fabulous lashes; and, last but not least, the amazing Bi Facil eye make-up remover.


Extremely Palette For Eyes from Yves Saint Laurent

It’s the perfect choice for any kind of make-up, be it natural, in shades of nude, or just intense, in strong colors. This elegant pouch has two applicators for make-up, and contains 10 eyeshadows, from light beige to golden, pink, turquoise, purple, brown or black.


Clinique Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss Set

When I really like a gloss, I always have the same dilemma: what tint to choose? I’d like a nude one, to wear it any time of the day, but I’d also like red and pink! Well, the problem is solved: this set from Clinique contains five (yes, five!) shades of gloss. It immediately moisturizes your lips, and the colors are adorable.


Mascara False Lash Wings Duo & Eye Liner Set, L’Oreal Paris

Or, more accurately, two mascaras and an eyeliner, all at a special price: basically, the eyeliner is a gift! It’s a successful mascara formula, for volume and false eyelashes effect and a very fine eyeliner, of just 0.4 mm: yeap, very easy to apply. I’ve made up my mind: I really need it!


Lancome Absolu Rouge Set

Even though I love gloss, in the evening I most often choose to wear lipstick. I do it especially when I desire a bright, intense and impossible to ignore shade. Again, it’s hard for me to pick a single color, but I found a solution for this: the Absolu Rouge set. Three shades of moisturizing lipstick that I simply adore.

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