Top 5 earrings to wear on vacation

Take them along and you’ll no longer need any other jewelry

However delighted I am when going on vacation, I have to confess: I truly dislike making my luggage. Well, I don’t like to unpack either, upon return, but this is already another story. Every time I end up packing too many clothes, accessories, shoes. I once left with lots of jewelry, because I had the feeling that every morning I will have the time – but especially the mood – to put on a particular necklace or bracelet.All I did was to expose them in the hotel room, and, quite seemingly, only to have to pack them up again when the holiday ended. So, in one of my holidays, I decided to leave with earrings only. Yeap, I decided to wear only these jewels. And here’s how it went:



Crystals and geometric inspiration

I like golden jewels; it seems to me that they look amazing on a fab tanned skin. And, because I always loved to walk on the beach, at sunset, in a long dress, hat and oversized, golden earrings, I chose the ones from Swarovski: they have a modern, geometrically-inspired design, and their clear crystals shine superbly in the sun.


Shiny stars

In the daytime I like to wear tiny earrings, especially if I go to the beach. Even if I’m in the mountains or if I plan to visit a city, I will go for discrete jewelry. Discrete, but still with something special: I’m talking about the small, silver, star-shaped earrings. Once again from Swarovski, they are decorated with clear, yet very bright, crystals.




Classic, but not quite

The round earrings from Michael Kors are a must have. I often wear them; I really find that they fit almost any outfit. In short, they are small, golden, and are adorned with clear crystals on the edge and, in the center, with the initials of the brand. I’ve worn them with shorts and a white-knotted shirt, with a simple masculine black overall – and I never got them off at the beach.


Vintage elegance

The mount of these Swarovski earrings reminds me of lavish parties at which the ladies wear evening dresses, red lipstick and drink champagne. Good, but why would I need them when going on vacation? Well, for the mere reason, that anywhere I might go, I always love to spend one evening in a stylish restaurant. I choose a black dress and these earrings, with large, green crystals, and I feel just great, without adding any other accessory.



Refined pearls

The elegance of the pearl jewelry is undeniable. And, whenever I choose a classic outfit, I instantly remember my pearl earrings from Swarovski. I dig them a lot as I can wear them two ways: either pearls only, either pearls and crystals attached, for that touch of glam I need even in holidays.

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