Top 5 accessories for men

Stylish, cool or with a vintage allure

We, men, got used to wear fewer accessories than women. Usually, just a wallet and a watch. Sometimes, we add a pair of sunglasses and – depending on everybody’s style – maybe an earring or a bracelet. But no matter how many you choose or what style you prefer, one thing is certain: quality is the key. And, yes, it does make the difference. Starting from this undisputed idea, we’ve created, just for you, a top 5 with the newest and the most impeccable quality accessories. Perfect for today’s gentleman!


The sunglasses

The classic model from Ray-Ban, with lenses in yellow and gray shades, is an inspired choice not only when you’re wearing jeans. They go just as well with a suit, even offering you a youthful and relaxed attitude. Bonus: they have very thin, metallic frames, and, so, they are also very light.


The wallet

It is said that the wallet is one of those accessories that communicate a lot about a person’s taste and style. And, yes, I couldn’t agree more. That’s why I’m totally devoted to a quality, classy wallet – just as the leather one from Piquadro. And there’s more: several models are available in elegant brown, navy blue or black shades.


The watch

Here it’s difficult to choose, as there are tons of options! One of them is this Maserati watch from the Epoca collection: round, black dial, with golden details, stainless steel strap – still black! –, a modern design, and a great value for money. A versatile model that is suitable for both a smart-casual outfit and a classic suit.


The key chain

A small object that could easily go unnoticed. But any detail-oriented person will notice if you’re wearing a stylish keychain. My favorites ones are from Montblanc, as they have a minimalist design and are made from the highest quality leather.


The bracelet

If you’re the kind of guy who wears bracelets, Fossil released a model that makes you think of vintage accessories: a brown leather bracelet that closes with an adjustable in size buckle. The design is minimalist and looks really good – if you are not careful, it’s highly possible that your girlfriend will borrow it!

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