7 things you didn’t know about gin

And that will persuade you to enjoy it with even more pleasure

The famous juniper berries drink is especially enjoyed as a basic ingredient for Martini and Gin & Tonic. Gin is famous especially in the United Kingdom, but not only. Find below a few things that you probably didn’t know about this drink.

  1. You don’t drink it straight. If tequila, for example, can be enjoyed plain, gin is meant for cocktails. Its ingredients are highlighted when combined with other beverages. Plain and simple, nope, it doesn’t have any charm.
  2. There are lots of gin-based cocktails. From the famous Gin & Tonic, Gin Martini, French 75, up to the Negroni, Gimlet or Tom Collins. There are so many, thus, honestly, we don’t have the room to cover them all :).
  3. Not all gin is English, even though this is best known. The Dutch gin tastes differently – it is distilled with barley and often kept in wooden casks. Moreover, it is said that gin was invented in the Netherlands in the 17th century.
  4. In all of those years, in the Netherlands, gin was prescribed for medicinal purposes.
  5. Even though it is very popular in the United Kingdom, there is a country where gin is more loved: the Philippines has the highest consumption of gin in the world.
  6. Gin must have a predominant Juniper aroma, yet there’s nowhere clearly specified what other plants it must contain. These are added to provide different flavors and to create various types of gin.
  7. It’s a strong drink, which must have a minimum of 37.5% alcohol. But the concentration can be much higher, usually up to 50%.
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