Time to relax

A bathtub filled with bubbles and aromas, a real treat

It was a long and hard day. And kinda cold. On my way home, in a taxi, I could barely keep my eyes open. And, when I’m that tired I can’t think of only one thing: a long and relaxing bath with perfumed aromas. And after, surely, a long and well-deserved sleep.

Well, even if I feel exhausted, I take five minutes to prepare my bath. Five minutes or even less. The first thing I do after I turn the water on is to put a scented bath foam in the tub. Then… I wait. Just a little: the tub gets filled with foam and I get delighted with my favorite scented flavors. When it’s almost full, I jump into the bathtub, glad as a child. Wow, how good it is! And then – oh, yes – one of my favorite moments follows: the one when I use the body scrub. I sometimes apply it even before going into the water, other times, on the moist skin.

I enjoy a relaxing massage, and after I rinse myself, I already feel how my skin is so much silkier. What’s next? I apply a perfumed shower gel on a sponge, and wash my hair with my favorite shampoo. Then I add a bit of conditioner and, once a week, a moisturizing hair mask on the tops.

All this may take 15 minutes. Or 20. Or 30. Or more, depending on how much I linger in the bath, savoring the aromas and thinking about what book or movie I will read before going to sleep.

After the long and soothing bath, even when I’m drained, I use a body hydrating lotion. It’s a true pleasure, especially since I choose only the products with a nice texture and a pleasant scent, perfect for a night with beautiful dreams. And the next day I congratulate myself for doing so, because I’ll enjoy feeling my skin as smooth as baby.

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