#BeautyTips: 7 skin care tips

Which any woman must take into account


Skin care doesn’t stop at the face contour

Even if you’re one of the women who know the importance of applying a face cream each morning and evening, don’t forget to also take care of the neck and neckline. In fact, on almost any care product it is specified that it should be applied on the face and neck. And there are good reasons for this: the signs of aging appear quicker in the neck area. And the more you delay this moment, the better.


The night is the most important moment

For skin care, of course. We don’t even have to mention what means to fall asleep with your make-up on – the signs materialize instantly, as soon as you open your eyes. However, even if you remove your make-up, it’s very important that you apply a night and eye cream. Why? During the night, all the skin care products are well absorbed into the skin and act more intensely than throughout the day.


Don’t forget about the most essential anti-wrinkle product

And this is… any guess? Yes, it’s the sun protection cream. Sun exposure without using SPF will cost you a lot: spots, wrinkles, discolored areas – and will be a frustrating chore to cover them each day. Once you’ve reached this moment, trust me, you would want to go back in time and apply a SPF product every sunny day, regardless if just leaving the house for a summer walk, going to work, or skiing for a weekend. Ask any dermatologist what is the most effective anti-wrinkle product, and you’ll get the same answer: the sun protection cream. And, of course, he will add that it’s much easier to prevent than to treat.


Exfoliate your skin

If in your 20’s you might not feel so acutely the need for face exfoliating – as the cells are young and regenerate more easily – when you’re in your 30’s, the regeneration process slows down. And, then, you must help your skin with a face scrub. Use it twice a week, no more. Bonus: after the exfoliation, the facial care products are absorbed more easily and they are more effective.


8 hours of sleep

Ah, I know, you hear it since you were little. But it is paramount: you must sleep so that can wake up fresh and to have a good mood the next day. You must sleep so that can perform well the office… you must, you must. But, if you’re not in your 20’s anymore and want a healthy complexion, this is the truth: you must sleep at least eight hours a night. If you’re not doing it already, try at for at least for a week and you’ll see the difference: your skin will look much better, even if you’ll use exactly the same care products as before.


Take care of the skin around the eyes

And when I say take careful, I don’t just mean the use of a special eye cream, every morning and evening. You already know that. It’s more: when applying it, do it with the utmost delicacy. Always use the ring finger – as it has less power and thus won’t stress at all the skin around the eyes, which is the most sensitive.


Apply a mask every week

Even if you follow all the care steps above, even if you are using cream every morning and evening, remove your make-up every time and don’t leave the house without SPF, the skin care is not complete if you do not use a mask. Masks are concentrated and effective products that give outstanding results when used on a weekly basis. Choose it depending on the needs of your skin – it may be a hydrating, rejuvenating, detoxifying or an anti-wrinkle mask. Only you know which one fits you best.

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