The coolest make-up for blondes

Or which are the shades that highlight your natural beauty

No matter if your hair is naturally blond or not, there are a few make-up tricks that will help you stand out from the crowd. And no, I’m not going to suggest some of those complicated make-up looks, which need hours to complete or the skills of a professional make-up artist. No way! Only a few simple rules that can easily be followed. And the best part of it all is that rules are meant to be broken. So choose what you like most from the proposals below.


The eye shadow

The very strong shades can be too flashy for the light blondes. But, on the other hand, pastels are perfect. Same goes for the eye shadows in shades of bronze, copper or champagne. And one more thing: you don’t have to stay away from the smoky make-up, either, but, instead of the black, opt for the brown – it is unquestionably more becoming.


Mascara and eye contour

Even though most of us prefer black, try a mascara, an eyeliner or a khol – all in dark brown. Why? Because the brown shades create a slighter contrast when matched with a light hair and complexion. When you want more color, just give a chance to the burgundy or navy blue tones – they are special, and you can get a less common, funkier make-up.


The blush

It’s well known that the peach tones flatter blondes, so a bit of blush in this tint is an ideal choice. The same equation applies to the tanning blushes with shiny particles. And there’s one more secret: you can apply a hint of peachy blush and, on top of it, add a touch of a shiny bronzing one.


The lipstick

Almost any hue of pink does marvels for blondes. The same goes for the discreet peach shades. For evening, though, don’t shy away from the more stronger lipsticks: red is elegant and always a safe choice, especially if the rest of your make-up is discreet.

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