Great make-up for red hair

Do you have red hair? Well, you're a very lucky lady: when it comes to your make-up you can go for some gorgeous shades that will instantly put you in the spotlight

I’ve always envied women with red hair – oh, yes, it’s a strong color, but, on the other hand, it offers a whole palette of options for a sensational make-up. But what are the eye shadows, the lipstick and blush that flatter them best? Find them all below.


The eye shadows

Go green! In particular, khaki or dark green – they’ll look truly amazing with the color of your hair. The plum and violet tones can work marvels just as well. If you want a smoky eyes make-up, try to avoid black and switch it with grey or brown. And for the days when you want a more discreet, less powerful look, opt for gold, copper or brown.


The mascara and the eye contour

Usually, the redheads have a very light complexion – this is the reason why the make-up artists do not recommend black mascara, eyeliner or khol, but the brown ones. And one more good advice for the days when you don’t feel like using an eye shadow and just want an outline: select a pencil in the shades I mentioned above: dark green, khaki or purple.


The blush

Betting on a blush in shades of peach would be the perfect move, as they suit redheads the best. Choose mate or glowing textures – you’ll get a very classy and natural look, just as if you have woken up in the morning looking like this.


The lipstick

Opt for peach and coral shades – trust us, they are the best. But don’t shun away from red, it’s a great choice, especially if your eye make-up is more discreet. And if a while ago I would have ruled that the fuchsia lipstick is a big no for the redheads, well, I’ve definitely changed my mind. It’s a daring choice, true, but what a wow one!

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