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Invictus Aqua, a brand new proposal from Paco Rabanne

Spring and summer don’t come only with a shining sun and mellow days, but also with new aromas, special editions for the warm season. It’s no wonder they are launched just when you feel the need for a fresher perfume: you spend much more time outdoors, you exercise more and – undoubtedly the most awaited moment – you pack your bags and head for holiday destination. It’s vacation time!

I am fully aware there are more than plenty launches in the fragrance industry, but, for this time, I chose to write about one which really deserves the spotlight: the Paco Rabanne Invictus Aqua eau de toilette. This version is just recently launched, but, I’m sure your memory serves you right, and you remember that the first eau de toilette Invictus appeared back in 2013 and it was a blast. Everybody loved it, just as we now love the new Invictus – which keeps the tradition alive and kicking.

Invictus Aqua gets its inspiration from the athletic spirit, spells competition and victory and it’s just the right choice for – you guessed it – winners. Obviously we are not talking here about competing, but about the winning spirit that lives inside of all of us. The spirit that keeps us going. And to finally get more practical, Invictus Aqua has that lovely aroma one can just feel, completed by fresh citrus essences, pink pepper, marine and green notes, all blended majestically with the vigorous, but discreet wooden notes. It also contains bergamot, violet leaves and amber. Now, be totally honest: wouldn’t you like to give it a try?

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