Sport fragrances, active men

Here are five truly masculine fragrances for the adrenaline lovers

Just like the suit and the watch, the right perfume truly defines a man. You choose it considering your destination, the seasons or just the time of the day. And, last but not least, your hobbies. Take summer for example: you begin to plan your adventures and – put it on the spring breeze – you feel like wearing a fresh and sport perfume. The perfect choice for an active man, passionate about sports, nature and travels.





Davidoff Cool Water Night Dive was created for the ones who dare diving in the moonlight. Its aroma is a reminder of the chilly ocean nights, as well as the powerful forces of nature. The fragrance contains mint, pepper, tobacco, but also wooden notes like amber or musk.


If you like the ocean and you are into surfing, go for a marine-aromatic fragrance: a cocktail of citrus aromas, jasmine and lotus floral notes, but also cedar, amber and sandalwood. You’ve already guessed: it’s CK Free Sport by Calvin Klein.






For those addicted to adrenaline and extreme sports, we recommend the Prada Luna Rossa Sport eau de toilette. It unfolds confidence, energy and relaxation. All at once. The perfume owns an intense aroma of lavender, citrus, ginger and vanilla.


Moschino Forever Sailing is a seducing mix of mint, lemon and grapefruit, but also lavender, musk, amber and woody notes. It’s the perfect choice for the ones who simply love the sea, but also for those passionate about sailing.






Yves Saint Laurent L’homme Sport is another great choice for the adventure amateurs. It’s masculine and fresh, yet with an elegant note. Just imagine a mix of bergamot, coriander and amber: explosive and magnetic in the same time.

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