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This is my favorite moment – when I get the chance to show off my stylish pen

I type like crazy. Surely, more than the eight hours a day I spend at the office. When I’m not in front of my laptop, I write emails and texts on my phone. Don’t get me wrong, I also have a hard copy agenda – unfortunately, though, I rarely use it. But, nevertheless, I am faithfully passionate for any stationery items.
I remember that, at my first job, my boss used to sign any paper with a fountain pen. He had some sort of a ritual: he would take out a stylish pen from the inside pocket of his jacket and would elegantly put his signature in blue ink on my expense statements. I was still a student back then, I couldn’t even afford to dream at such a pen. I used to watch this ritual every time and, whenever leaving his office, I would think that, someday, I’ll have a Montblanc of my own. And when I finally managed to buy myself the dream pen and an ink blue pot, I’ve meticulously placed them on my desk. And in that very day, I’ve handwritten this and that in my agenda, just for the sake of the new pen.
A stationery object represents an investment, but one that’s worth. Because a fountain pen and a roller are never out of fashion and are a symbol of elegance. At least for the connoisseurs. And the wish list of stationery aficionado is always updated. With…


The roller ball

My favorite is an absolute classic: the 90 years Meisterstuck Special Edition from Montblanc, created to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the very first Meisterstuck. It is black and decorated with golden details – an extremely stylish model.


The liner

This fine liner is part of the Montblanc Starwalker line. It’s made of black resin and, in addition to the company’s logo on the lid, it’s only adorned with a fine red line. It’s got a very thin writing and is a pleasure to use it.


The fountain pen

It is part of the collection Rouge et Noir from Montblanc, which celebrates 110 years since the launch of the first writing tool from this line. It’s a black, classy pen, with a red accent on the lid and a vintage clip, in the shape of a snake.


The pen pouch

It’s still from Montblanc and a perfect fit for the Classic Meisterstuck or Le Grand pens. Made of calf black leather, it’s the ideal way to carry and shield your favorite fountain pen.


The ink pot

Mystery Black from Montblanc is an intense black ink, that comes in an ink pot with a sophisticated design. Although the already loaded ink cartridges are very practical, the ink pot stays classic and treasured by those who love writing instruments.

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