Top 5 accessories for a true gentleman

The watch, the wallet, the belt, the glasses and the perfume are the few, yet essential, accessories that define a man’s style

While women have at their disposal plenty of accessories – lots of jewelry, shoes, bags and a bunch of other stuff – we men, well, we must confine ourselves to a few. At least those like me, with a classic style. Yes, you’ve got me: I’m a suit and tie man. No bracelets, no earrings, no bling-bling medallions, no tattoos. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t like accessories. Quite the contrary. Few, but top quality.


The watch

Here are a lot of options and it’s hard for me to choose. Therefore, I thought of a watch that will fit with most of my outfits: metallic silver case and strap and, obviously, a top cool brand – Hugo Boss. It’s definitely my first choice when I’m wearing a suit, but also for the weekend, when I go for more casual, comfortable outfits.


The belt

It’s an every day indispensable accessory. That’s why I chose a sleek model from Montblanc. It has a rectangular, silver buckle, and one huge plus: you can wear it on both sides – black leather on one side, brown on the other.


The wallet

As I change it pretty rarely, I prefer to invest in a quality wallet. I have chosen one from Montblanc, a thin wallet made of fine, black leather. It has plenty of compartments for my credit cards, coins and bills.


The sunglasses

As far as I’m concerned, I need them every day: when I drive to the office, in the warm days of summer, but also during the skiing vacations. And if most of the accessories that I wear are classic, at this particular chapter, I felt the need to pick a pair of sunglasses with a twist: they’re from Burberry and have some great degrade frames.


The fragrance

Prada Luna Rossa eau de toilette. Why? Because it matches my passion for sports, but also my desire of victory – in any field. Luna Rossa mixes lovely notes of bitter orange, lavender, mint, sage and musk. It’s an irresistible fusion, trust me.

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