Phuket, one of the most stunning islands in the world

We're not just telling you what to do there, but how to, actually, win a vacation in Phuket!

Should I describe, in words, Thailand’s beauty? Ah, I know I have no chance of doing its justice; it’s impossible to make it. Sometimes, as they say, photos say it all – yet, if you want the real experience, that one you can truly feel, you must be there: swimming in the turquoise waters, walking on the finest sands, strolling into its colored and fully-flavored markets, tasting the traditional food, which, by the way, truthfully spoils your each sense. Thailand has it all – from islands, as if torn from heaven, to towns bursting with life. And, besides all of the above, there are the natives. Always with a smile on their lips, always kind, always ready to help.

Anyone who imagines about going to Thailand for the first time dreams, naturally, to see everything. Then, when you realize that, in just a couple of weeks, this is mission impossible, you can only hope to visit as much as you possibly can. Yet, the best idea is not to fantasize about such grand things. And that’s simply because it’s a country worth seeing in leisurely pace, not on a ceaseless run. Start with Phuket, an island over 500 square kilometers in size. An island of a rare beauty.

Already have in mind the iconic image of Phuket, with its green waters and its cliffs, literally, coming out of the sea? Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. An island where the fun is at its best – on the beach there are so many bars, restaurants, nightclubs, some of them opened non-stop. With places you’ll enjoy a heavenly Thai massage. With delicious and fresh fruits. With parks, museums and temples. With days spent snorkelling or hiking up the mountain. There’s so much to see!

The Phi Phi islands are less than 50 kilometers away (by boat), right where the famous Maya Bay beach is – the place where The Beach movie, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, was filmed.

Phang Nga Bay is that spot where the rocks surface from the fabulous green waters: just add up the exotic vegetation, the mangrove forests and some deeply perfect caves to explore.

Buddha’s giant statue – 45 meters high – can be seen, mainly, from southern Phuket.

The Similan islands – just northwest of Phuket – are surrounded by the blue, crystal-clear waters, and white sands. It’s the perfect place for diving, as here the corals are absolutely dazzling.

Phuket’s markets, opened all night long, are the ideal place to taste the traditional food, but also to enjoy the music and all the street-artists performing here.

Phuket is surrounded by other small islands. It really deserves to take a tour of them all, and enjoy the specifics of each one. It’ll be like a day spent at the beach, yet not at one beach only :).

Visit the close-by temples – the Wat Chalong Temple is one of the most famous and most beautiful, the mere reason for thousands and thousands of tourists to come and see it.

Enjoy the island’s panoramas. There are many places from where you can have a bird’s eye view of Phuket – yes, in its entire splendor. Top of the top. The most appropriate moments are, obviously, at sunrise and sunset.

Go to the city of Phuket, the capital of the province, which bears the same name. The old city is a must, do not miss it: savor the old houses, the Sino-Portuguese architecture-style shops, and the Sino-colonial style villas. Of course, in the new part of the town you’ll find plenty of fine restaurants, all sorts of stores, markets… simply beautiful!

Visit the tigers’ kingdom, and one of the few elephants’ sanctuaries, spots where you’ll will able to see these animals close by; and, yes, you’ll even be able to caress them.

OK, but how do you get to Phuket?

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