What to wear according to your destination

A few things to take into account when you pack your vacation bags

What would a holiday, where you don’t have everything you need with you, mean? And when I say this, I’m not thinking of two big suitcases – but a single one, and, more importantly, what you pack in it. So, my advice is to choose your outfits and accessories according to your destination. If you plan everything from home, once you reach your destination you just have to enjoy the moment.

Positano, Italy

It’s undoubtedly one of the most charming Italian regions: you’ll discover stunning cities, picturesque villages and hidden beaches.

In your luggage: A two-piece swimsuit, colored printed dresses and a pair of wedge sandals. Also, pick a pair of sunglasses from an Italian fashion house – we recommend those from Dolce&Gabbana – and a fun, colored Furla bag.

In your vanity case: Miniature perfumes from Bvlgari, so you can use a different fragrance every day.

New York, USA

Take at least ten days to enjoy this metropolis, a city that, rightly so, never sleeps.

In your luggage: Comfy shoes and flat sandals, cause you’re gonna walk a lot. Jeans, cozy T-shirts and a bag from Guess, which is perfect for the strolls in the city. Plus, Maui Jim sunglasses. Play with the blue, red and white combination.

In your vanity case: Eau de parfum Romance from Ralph Lauren.

Deauville, France

It’s the place where Coco Chanel opened her first fashion boutique. Deauville is located in the Normandy region and is famous for its beautiful beaches.

In your luggage: Stay in the French spirit and wear white and navy blue stripes or black and white outfits.

In your vanity case: A set of miniature perfumes from Givenchy, Lancaster SPF cream and, in the evening, red Lancome lipstick.

Barcelona, Spain

A vibrating city that knows how to party the night away, and which also pampers you with a gorgeous beach in Barceloneta.

In your luggage: A roomy bag from Desigual, a brand that has its headquarters right in Barcelona. And if you like sports, get your skateboard with you!

In your vanity case: Pick a perfume that is also signed by a renowned Spanish House: Florabotanica from Balenciaga.

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