Oh, boy!

His shirt + his cufflinks + your pants = a relaxed, androgynous, yet such a sexy outfit

 It’s been a while now since I’ve had a crush about the masculine inspired outfits. In fact, to be really honest, I planned to wear my boyfriends’ shirts for ages. And I would have done so! The plan was to roll up the long sleeves of one of his shirts and to steal a handsome narrow tie. Easier said than done, as I quickly realized I was literally swimming in all of its shirts. But I had to put my master plan into action, right? The fix? I’ve bought some masculine inspired shirts that actually fit me. Yet, that doesn’t mean I haven’t made an attempt on his wardrobe: I matched them with that chic narrow tie, cufflinks and with his only watch that flattered my wrist. To all that, just to make it complete, I added some feminine details, so I put on a red lipstick and wore a floral perfume.

Still, my passion for the masculine inspired style wasn’t born in a day, it’s got a long history. But, now, again, as always, I blame it on the fashion shows. The androgynous outfits are all over in the 2016 summer collections – I’ve seen them on the Dior, Michael Kors, DKNY, Stella McCartney catwalks –, usually in black and white, intentionally devoid of any color. And I must confess that almost nothing seems to me sexier than a woman who wears, with that unmistakable air of nonchalance, an oversized blazer. Or just a simple, white shirt with a couple of masculine accessories. And that’s the truth!

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