Pants for evening? Yes, you can!

The perfect alternative for the oh-so-common cocktail dress: evening outfits with pants

I’m one of the lucky ones: being invited to many stylish parties – events, launches, birthdays. Each time, after long explorations through my wardrobe, I inevitably ended up wearing the official evening gown. And I wasn’t the only one. One day, though, I really wanted to break the patterns, so I decided to dare and put on some evening outfits with pants. OK, it sounds good, doesn’t it? But the questions started pouring in. What type of pants is suited for such an occasion? The black straight-leg pants matched with an outstanding top? Well, that was my very first thought. But let’s get out of the comfort zone: how about a pair of statement pants, that make even the most sophisticated cocktail dresses turn pale? You can get inspired also from Cannes Film Festival, where Charlize Theron chose pants for her red carpet look.

tinute de seara cu pantaloni Gucci


Taffeta or brocarde pants

They are tailored for the best shape and they shimmer discretely. Pick any color: white, beige (which seems a little golden, due to the material), pastels or dark shades. You can go with long lined pants, or they can stop above the ankle – an extra reason to wear some fab sandals.


Velvet pants

Long wide-leg pants, even a bit flared. They look just amazing on the dance floor. A high waisted pair would definitely flatter your silhouette. And now the big question: why velvet? Because it’s reach and elegant. Because it turns heads. To complete the look, just add a silver or gold thin belt. It does marvellous.

tinute de seara cu pantaloni giorgio armani

tinute de seara cu pantaloni loewe


Gold or silver pants

Really, they are the true saviors when it comes down to a cocktail or a black tie party. And, as a plus, you don’t have to fuss about accessories. The metallic pants are genuine rock-solid statements. High heels aren’t mandatory.

And for those still in doubts, some food for thought: these pants are easy to match with simple pieces – a classic shirt or a white blouse paired with Swarovski earrings. It’s that easy!

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