Meet the master perfumers – Anne Flipo

She has created, among others, Love Story (Chloe), Acqua di Gioia (Giorgio Armani) or La Vie est Belle (Lancome)

The French Anne Flipo didn’t grow up in Grasse, where the fields of rose and lavender are, but somewhere in Northern France, in an area called Picardy. It is from there that she was seduced – body and mind – by the wild and camp flower aromas, and especially by the fresh flavors of the plants grown in the garden – as she always had a great passion for gardening. She graduated ISIPCA (studies in perfumery, at Versailles) and worked with the grand masters in the field, like Michel Almairac.

Anne is one of those who can really call themselves a Master Perfumer, a title awarded by the International Flavors & Fragrances (IFF) only to the most talented professionals in the domain. She’s been working with IFF since 2004, and on her list of the creations she has signed are dozens of perfumes, some niche, others very well known.
In addition to those mentioned at the beginning, we have to add The Herb Garden collection for Jo Malone (where her passion for gardening was greatly put to use), La Chasse aux Papillons, and many others for L’Artisan Parfumeur, Lady Million for Paco Rabbane, L’Homme and Manifesto for Yves Saint Laurent – and the list just goes on…
How every Master Perfumer has a favorite aroma or a note, in the case of Anne Flipo is neroli, an extract of bitter orange blossom with which she often works. On her favorites’ list are also basil, sambac jasmine, or patchouli.

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