6 things you probably didn’t know about perfume

It stirs beautiful memories and makes you happy. And if you want to know how to make it last longer, read section 4


The sense of smell is capricious. What do I mean by that? Well, you surely recall how good it smells when you walk into the kitchen and there’s a cake baking in the oven. Or how alluring is the smell in a florist’s shop. However, did you notice that after a few minutes you get used to it, and the flavor is not so strong anymore? And that’s because, quite simply, you no longer perceive it as strong. The same principle goes for the scent that you wear: even though you may not feel it to its fullest extent, others perceive it as such. This is the reason why it is not recommended to use too much perfume.


In contact with the skin, a fragrance smells differently from one person to another. You know what I’m saying: you’re fascinated by the perfume your best friend wears, but when you try it on your own skin, it smells like cucumber. Well, or any other thing. Experts say that, in contact with the skin, some ingredients are perceived stronger. And that, ultimately, it’s a chemical process that can even be influenced by what you ate that day.


It is recommended to test a maximum of three perfumes at once. Starting with the fourth, you are no longer able to really feel the aromas and you’re going to get them mixed up with the previous ones. And if you want to try more fragrances on the same day, take a break; go for a walk, breathe some fresh air. Or inhale the scent of coffee beans – that’s how master perfumers do it.


Spray perfume in your hair. Pfff, it’s something that I’m still having trouble getting used to. I remember about it only after I put on perfume on my neck or behind the ears – which is not wrong at all. However, it has been demonstrated that the scent lingers longer if it’s sprayed into the hair. In addition, the hair is always in motion, and the scent is felt at every gust of wind.


The scent awakes your memories. The smell is the quickest way to take on a journey through time. And you’ll see: a note or other will often remind you of a childhood memory. Maybe by the fresh smell of the grass after the rain or a fruit just picked up from the tree. Oh, or, who knows, maybe of your first love.


A good perfume makes your day, it makes happy. Exactly so. When you use a flavor that you love, your mood changes for the better. And even though each of us has a different favorite fragrance, both scientists and perfumers observed that vanilla is one of the ingredients that make most people happy. So, the next time you buy a perfume, choose one that contains vanilla notes.

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