Meet Mr. Big…

And take him home!

I have seen Sex and the City a few times from start to end. More so, there have been episodes that I’ve reviewed, while switching randomly TV channels. I’ve talked endlessly about the unfolding events in each episode with my girlfriends and we’d all make fun out of trouble – because we’ve found ourselves, somehow, in the characters, in the more or less fulfilled contexts, in the love stories that ended up with a couple of words on a post-it (that, at least prior WhatsApp). We have longed after Carrie’s shoes and we fell in love, in waves, with Mr. Big, though, let us be clear, we hated him at the same time for all that he did to Carrie. But where do I want to end up with this story? Well, my intention is not to propose to review the series – although I don’t think it would be a bad idea. Nor falling in love with a real life Mr. Big, because, ohhhh!, he’s going to play with your heart and make you suffer. Nevertheless, I was reminded of him in an unexpected setting: at a brand new make-up products shelf. It is there that I saw two new products that are called… Monsieur Big. More specifically, a mascara and an eyeliner, both from Lancome. Now, knowing the scenario, you surely know that it was the name of the products that made me think of Sex and the City. OK, that was in the first phase. However, after we’ve tested them, I realized what a good combination they make, because, trust me, you’ll hopelessly fall in love with these products, just as Carrie fell for Mr. Big. And if we do ignore the series completely, we must recognize how fortunate the name really is chosen – Big, just like the big impact they have. Well, here’s what it’s all about:


Monsieur Big Mascara

It confers your eyelashes a volume that gets instant attention. And that resists up to 24 hours: from morning till late at night, even until the next morning – so you don’t have to worry if you’re going to a party where you’ll dance the night away. Mascara Monsieur Big has a special brush and an ultra-creamy formula that offers your eyelashes 12 times more volume. No falls, no stretching and no fuss: the brush’s fibers will provide your eyelashes the ideal amount of the product. And the polymer-enriched formula with waxes adheres very well on the eyelashes, for maximum volume and length.


Monsieur Big Marker

It’s an eyeliner, perfect for the eye contour. Yet it resembles a marker – and not incidentally, but due to its form that aids you not to miss whenever you apply it. Monsieur Big Marker resists up to 24 hours and is ideal for the days – and nights! – whenever you want a wow make-up. It has a waterproof formula that dries immediately, a shade of intense, yet glossy, black, and, very importantly, it does not spread. The tip of the eyeliner is thin, and due to its special form you can easily create a delicate make-up, with fine lines, or a strong look, with thick, visible and hard to ignore lines.

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