Kah – a dead-good tequila…

... and we’re kidding at all, because each bottle of Kah is a tribute to the Day of the Dead

Kah, popularly known as the Day of the Dead tequila – a 3000 years old ritual that honors the death of the loved ones – was designed to bring a tribute to the Mexican people. It is synonymous with the sense of pride, respect and honor brought to Mexico’s people and Mexico at the same time. Otherwise, the spirit of Mexico is encapsulated in an exceptional drink, which continues to impress all tequila connoisseurs and claims countless international awards.
The Tequila Finos factory, the maker of Kah, is situated in the town of Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico, Tequila. Each step of the production process makes this tequila truly special: from the preparation of the blue agaves, to the maturation in oak barrels, and up to the exceptional custom-made bottles – each unique, all handmade, true works of art – and all of them made in the most traditional way, with passion and craftsmanship.
The unique packaging is inspired by the traditional Calaveras (sugar skulls), used in the Dia de los Muertos rituals to symbolize death and rebirth. Convinced that their loved ones would be upset by sadness or mourning, Dia de los Muertos celebrates the life of the one who has passed away with food, drinks and joy. Incidentally, the word Kah translates to life in old Mayan.
Every bottle captures the spirit of the immortal Kah tequila, just as it does the liqueur inside. The Kah distilleries turn the blue agaves, 100% manually selected, into vivid and tasteful drinks: Kah Blanco, Kah Reposado or Kah Añejo are just three of the assortments that we recommend:



Kah Blanco

The initial sweet taste is quickly perfected by spicy notes. Silky and delicate, the final notes are piquant and memorable. The skull shaped bottle, specially created, represents a Bolivian tradition that celebrates the Day of the Dead.


Kah Reposado

Strong, consist, and yet delicate. A tequila with an intense flavor of agaves which acquires subtle notes of vanilla and caramel that majestically add up to the agave notes. The quite devilish packaging has its origin in the Peruvian celebrations of the Day of the Dead.


Kah Anejo

Distinguished by its strong flavors of agave, which are then accompanied by chocolate, tobacco and coffee notes of. Maturated for two years in American oak casks, the bottle is inspired by the traditions of the Nicaraguan Day of the Dead.

Another shot of Kah? You bet!

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