Invitation to the castle

You’ve seen them in movies, in photographs, you’ve read about them or you’ve just imagined them in their entire splendor. Yes, castles exist – and not only in fairy tales. Take a vacation in these dream-like places, as if torn from your childhood stories.



The Loire Valley, France

It’s above all expectations: an area full of splendor and style, as well as history. Located at a short distance from Paris, The Loire Valley has had a strategic importance: over time, kings and queens have built sumptuous palaces and fortresses here. The Loire Valley is famous for its exceptional wines, but also for its chic towns. So add on your list the Chenonceau, Chambord, Villandry, and Langeais castles.



It’s a picturesque country where you will find lots of castles, most of them in the gorgeous countryside. Here you can even stay in a castle or, if you’re tempted, you could even buy one – yes, there are palaces for sale. Most were built for defense purposes – they were fortresses. So it’s worth seeing at least a few of them: Bunratty, Malahide, Trim, Blarney, Kilkenny or Birr. And if you’re here, enjoy the traditional Irish whiskey and, of course, the Guinness Beer.




Lake Como, Italy

It’s a perfect holiday destination, simply adored by those in love: many couples decide to have their wedding in one of the palaces in this region. The castles and fortresses in the area are fabulous, as they, literally, take you through the medieval times, with tales and knights. Don’t miss the Vezio, Riva Bianca, Corenno Plinio, Baradello, Rezzonico, and Lierna castles. Don’t forget to enjoy the finest Italian cuisine: you can choose from the Michelin starred restaurants to the smaller, more traditional, family places.



You already know that it is famous for its castles – and not in vain. There are nearly 3000 castles in Scotland: wherever you go, there’s one nearby. They are majestic, breathtaking. A holiday here is the dream of any photo enthusiast. And, believe me, everything looks so amazing that even an amateur photographer will return home with some sensational images. Visit the Dunnottar, Balmoral, Glamis, Eilean Donan, Floors, and Dunrobin castles. When it comes to food, enjoy the Scottish salmon and, in the evening, have a Scotch.





Located on the mountains or in the middle of the green, rich, grasslands, the castles of Portugal will seduce you on the spot. They are scattered throughout the whole country – one more reason to visit. Don’t miss The Pena National Palace, the Belem Tower, Guimaraes castle, Almourol and Obidos. Indulge yourself with the Portuguese wines and with the exceptional local cuisine: from fresh seafood and white code up to the most delicious pastries.

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