5 city breaks close to home

In Hungary, Moldova, Bulgaria, Serbia or Montenegro

When you have a lot of vacation time, but you really want to get away somewhere for a few days, think also to the less promoted countries, but in which you’ll find very beautiful places. In addition, you don’t have to plan well in advance an escapade in Hungary or in Bulgaria – so why don’t you pack and leave tomorrow?



You already know that Budapest is one of the must see towns, with its famous Buda Castle, but Hungary has plenty of beautiful attractions to visit. The country is well known for its thermal baths (there are more than 150, so the Hungarians truly know how to relax!). Lake Heviz is the largest biologically active thermal lake in Europe, and the city with the same name, although surrounded by hills, owns an amazing Mediterranean climate. Another place that is worth seeing is Siofok, South of Lake Balaton, and which is often compared to Ibiza: there are a lot of cool parties all summer long.



Even if it is renowned for its delicious food – and those who visited the country have to recount only lovely experiences – Moldova is one of the countries which are not in the top travel destinations. And that’s somewhat unfair, because it has a lot to offer: the Emil Racovita cave (the largest in the country, close to the Criva), the historic city of Benderi, with its 17th century fortress, and, of course, Kishinev, a city with a special charm.



It’s the handiest destination for a weekend at the seaside, and rightly so: many tourists appreciate the Black Sea resorts, from the Bulgarian bank. Yet in Bulgaria you can do so much more: a culinary tour in Sofia, a stroll in Nessebar (a city under the UNESCO patronage) or a visit at the seven Rila Lakes, located in the mountains with the same name. Oh, I almost forgot: at Plovdiv you can do some great shopping: here are a lot of cool designed outfits at reasonable prices.



Located at the confluence of the Danube with Sava, Belgrade is a little gem. The old town is fascinating, just as the Kalemegdana fortress, and the floating restaurants offer you an experience that you will remember for a long time. After spending a few days in the capital, visit Smederevo and the castle with the same name, the Viminacium archaeological park, the Golubac medieval castle, or Sremska Mitrovica, a cozy and picturesque town, just an hour’s drive from Belgrade.



You must go to Kotor, situated in the Gulf of Boka – it’s a surprising old city, a place about which Lonely Planet said, in 2016, that is the city where you really have to travel (it was ranked first place, by Best in Travel City Top). Then go to Sveti Stefan, a place loved both by tourists and celebrities. Along the time, Sophia Loren, Sylvester Stallone and Queen Elizabeth II have spent their vacations here. And, of course, don’t miss the magical beaches of Budva.

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