Beauty report: pastel tones

Here is a trend you absolutely have to try this spring.

If I were to name one thing I truly love about the Spring-Summer 2016 runway shows, I would definitely mention the wearability of the make-up trends. Of course, I didn’t forget the glittery eyes, the unconventional use of eyeliner or the generous dashes of blue eye shadow all over the eyelids (take a look at Chanel). However, most make-up artists focused on healthy natural skin, sun-kissed cheeks and nude, kissable lips. So, my dear fashion girl, if you think wearing a catwalk make-up in the middle of the day is maybe a little bit too much, but you still wanna go trendy this spring, here’s something that’s perfect for you: the pastel make-up. See below the best ways to make use of it.



Lollipop eyes

According to the new trends, there are so many shades you can try, that at least one will suit you perfectly. For instance, Dior went for pink hues, which simply do marvelous on blue-eyed girls, while the brown-eyed ladies can get creative with light blue or turquoise shades. Last but not least, the soft peach will give you that irresistible romantic glow that the Parisian women know all about.


Blossoming blush

Can you feel the sweet indulgence of the sun and the flimsy morning breeze? Then choose a blush that catches that same amazing spring vibe. The pastels on your cheeks are so tender, they’ll make you look like you’ve just came back from a brisk walk in the park. Take a look at Balmain and see how the soft hues compliment the features in the most romantic way possible.




Lovable lips

Perhaps your boyfriend or husband shouldn’t read this, but the pastel lipsticks make you so damn kissable. Who could possibly resist some full, luscious lips dressed in soft shades of cherry, rose or lavender pink? Some might, but there is going to be a tough struggle, trust me. Dolce&Gabbana is the perfect example that illustrate the sexy, natural vibe I am talking about. It’s your turn now to make your lips so innocently hot. Muah!  

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