How to pack your cabin luggage

In such a way that you get everything you need, and pass the security check without any worry

It’s a joy to go on vacation, but the day before the departure is always one of the busiest. You try to finish everything you still have to do for the office, you shop for vacation, and ultimately you start packing your luggage. At least in my case the luggage is always the last. Sometimes at midnight, I try to remember everything I have to take with me. I make lists, put stuff in my luggage, then take some stuff out of it, and finally, with no exception, I keep forgetting something at home. And my cabin luggage is always a true challenge. During the time, I tried to be more organized to save time and not wake up in a situation where, once I get to my destination, I have to go straight to shopping. So, as far as I’m concerned, the cabin luggage must contain…

  1. Wallet. Ha, how it’ll be to go on vacation without it?! That’s why it’s first on the list. Check your credit card before you leave, so you don’t experience the surprise that it expires just when you’re on holiday.
  2. Documents. Without them, you’ll be stuck in the airport. You need your ID and/or passport – attention, it mustn’t expire up to six months before the return date.
  3. Medicines. Especially if you’re following a treatment, put medicine for a few day in your hand luggage. And so you won’t be stressed in case your checked luggage arrives late.
  4. Phone charger. Because whatever surprise may occur, your phone will help you solve problems. Including finding out the hotel address.
  5. Valuable things. A camera, a precious gem, a tablet, anything you really wouldn’t want to vanish on the way. Sometimes it happens J.
  6. Cosmetics. The plane’s airflow dries up your skin, so it’s great to have with you a travel size format hand cream, a lip balm and cleansing napkins. If you go from the airport straight to a meeting, take with you also toothpaste and a toothbrush, and, yes, even a hairbrush.
  7. A book, headphones or a tablet – especially if it’s a long flight. Time passes faster if you have some entertainment.
  8. Socks and underwear. You don’t even know how precious they are in the case of a lost luggage!
  9. A long-sleeved blouse or a jacket. Don’t put it in your cabin luggage, but wear it on your shoulders. It’ll keep you warm during the flight – you know that sometimes in the airplane it’s freezing cold!
  10. Something to nibble. Because sometimes the food on the plane is no so inviting – not at all! And it’s much more comfortable to have a snack in your bag.

Have a great trip!

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