The right drink for your favorite dish

What to order – or what to cook – when you’re having a glass of rum, bourbon or a quality cognac

The best way to enjoy a drink is a food plate just as good. And that fits perfectly with what you’re drinking. Discover below some combinations worth trying out.


Cognac and seafood

The unmistakable taste of the seafood is just perfect alongside a quality cognac. As if the oysters are tastier with a fruity drink from Remy Martin, with its candied fruit sweet aroma. Serve it plain, at room temperature.


Sushi and rye

Containing at least 51% rye, the American whiskey demands a special dish. Try to sip it simple, on the rocks, alongside a platter of sushi nigiri. Choose a glass of Bulleit Rye.


Brandy and brownies

Many brandies have discrete aromas of dried fruits, which fit in perfectly with a brownie – a mildly sweet cake, with small pieces of chocolate. Go for Osbourne Veterano 8 and serve it plain.


Bourbon and pickles

It may seem like an unexpected combination, but you’re going to love it. The pickles impeccably flatter the fig, marmalade, cinnamon and caramelized fruit flavors that you will discover in a Glenfiddich Age of Discovery Bourbon Cask 19 Years Old.


Rum and caramelized chicken

The sweet, yet complex taste of the rum perfectly mingles with a portion of caramelized chicken – cooked with sugar pineapple juice and rum, mandatory the same that you drink. Our recommendation: Plantation 20th Anniversary, served dry, at room temperature.

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