How to look slimmer starting today

A few styling tricks that actually work. We tried them out!

It’s Monday morning. Oh, and as if Monday isn’t already enough, there’s something wrong with my mirror. Hmm, can a mirror break down?! Or my does the way I see myself has something to do with the weekend when I went on a most indulging culinary spree? I know, the same old rhetorical questions. Well, I don’t even have time for them. So I quickly make myself a mug of black coffee (even if a teaspoon of sugar can no longer change anything) and I’m thinking: what to wear to look thinner? At least tor today only, as of tomorrow I solemnly swear to start a diet. These being said, I have a few useful styling tricks that I apply every time I want to look slimmer: you’ll find them below, I hope they’ll work for you, too. 


The V-neckline

Show a little skin! The V-neckline pieces are the most suitable – they create a point of interest and give the impression of an elongated and narrow silhouette. So here’s a good reason to start collecting shirts, blouses, sweaters, cardigans or even dresses – all with a V-neckline.


The pencil skirt

I know it very well: the first thought is to hide yourself in loose clothes. Just that, unfortunately, that doesn’t trick anyone. A knee-length skirt flatters any silhouette. Cover your tummy with an oversized or a peplum blouse or a jacket and a shirt opened at the top two buttons.


The navy jeans

Simply the best bet for a voluptuous body. Choose a pair of straight, dark and simple jeans. No unnecessary detailing or applications on the pockets, but always with a high waist. Wear them with a pair of stilettos or with wedges.


The high-heeled shoes

Oh, yes, I got to the shoes. Rule number one: high heels. The ideal model is a pointed-toe classic stiletto and a minimum 7 centimeters heel (the ones with a 10 centimeters look even better, even though they are not so comfortable). During winter, wear black shoes and black opaque tights. And in summertime, choose nude shoes, in tone your skin.


The highlighted waistline

No matter what part of the body you want to hide, define your waistline. The best solution is to wear a belt: a skinny and delicate one. If you wear a dress, choose one with a cut that highlights your waistline.


The perfect proportions

Find the balance between the loose clothing, which seem to cover everything, and the tight ones – which are showing it all. Wear oversized blouses with skinny pants or pencil skirts. Or, on the contrary, choose a tight blouse that draws attention to your bust and match it with straight pants or jeans. The secret is to emphasize what you like best about you.

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