The new way to wear rings

As we have seen them on the catwalk

Years ago, when you were to pick a new ring, it must have been the perfect measure for your ring finger. And if you were already among the lucky ones who said YES and got an irresistible diamond ring, well, you could have made a concession and desire a first-hand ring that would fit on your middle finger. These were the only options.
You’d probably would have lifted your eyebrow if you saw someone wearing a ring on the little finger – or even more shocking – on the index. Fortunately, now there are no more rules – at least not so rigorous. You can gild every finger, if you want to: it’s in the trends. And things get much greener when, for example, you want to order your ring online: you have much less hassle with the measures. And if it does not match on a finger, it will be just perfect on another. Or you can intentionally choose a smaller ring, to wear on the middle of one of your fingers. Any of them.

And just like a little inspiration is always helpful, I’ve studied this fall-winter fashion shows. I didn’t only examine the clothes, bags and shoes, but also the jewelry.

At Valentino, Louis Vuitton, Dries van Notten, Dior or Gucci, the models’ hands are embellished with many rings. And it looks so cool!

Those being said, choose more minimalistic rings and wear them on different fingers. Or even more on the same finger. Among them, there can be one or two larger rings, with a complex pattern. For myself, I’d pick one and I’d wear it on my pointing finger –, but no, this is not a rule. Fashion is beautiful as long as we can play with it – and in this season we can mingle jewelry however we like.

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