#Grooming: 5 products you didn’t know you needed

But that make your life easier. Every morning

I know that when someone tells you that you still need another care product, you roll your eyes. Well, about 90% of men do that. But an equally large number of men are very concerned to discover that certain products really help them handle the steps in their grooming routine. More specifically: maximum efficiency in record time. After a drastic and careful selection, I have chosen the ones below:


One hair product

In addition to the shampoo, of course :). It’s a styling cream from Moroccanoil. Why do I recommend it? Because it helps you arrange your hair in one minute. It’s hydrating and tames instantly any rebel hair. Basically, put a little cream in your palms and then simply arrange your hair with your fingers, as your mood decrees for the day in question. No gel, no water. And without having to steal your girlfriend’s hairspray again.


And one for the shower

Aquafitness Shower Gel from Biotherm Homme is ideal both for the body and hair. That in the event that you do not have the patience to use two different products. Especially after practicing at the gym: it’s much easier to have in your bag just one product, which covers it all, isn’t it?


The face scrub

No, this doesn’t mean an extra step in your care routine – I promised that from the beginning. So, I suggest you use Deep Cleansing Scrub from Shiseido when you wash your face. It removes the excess sebum and impurities, dead cells and black spots. And, for all that, you need just a tiny quantity: the size of a pea.


The shaving oil

The Men Shave Ease Oil from Clarins prepares the skin for a fine shave: the skin will be hydrated and soothed due to the essential oils of chamomile, rosemary, eucalyptus and mint. Not only that you’ll shave much easier, but you’re to love the feeling after.


The after shave lotion

If you were in a hurry shaving and now you’re dealing with some fine cuts or irritations, the solution is this aftershave from Clarins. It will heal any irritation immediately and your skin will be perfectly hydrated. You don’t have to take my word for it – try it yourself. Will talk afterwards :).

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