A funky brand, you just instantly recognize on the street

Some years ago, on my first visit to Barcelona – one of my favorite European cities to date – I discovered on the famous, hustling and bustling La Rambla a shop that was screaming… color. It made me curios and thought I would take a peak for a couple of minutes. Well, my plan was purely hijacked and for all the right reasons. As soon as I stepped in I was completely and utterly fascinated: no need to say I spent there more than an hour trying out dresses, coats and T-shirts. When I finally reached the accessories corner, I just couldn’t help myself and bought this cheerful, quirky bag, made up of all these different materials: prints I wouldn’t have dared to put one next to another, not in a million years. Well, the brand I fell in love – and it was love at first sight! – back then is called Desigual and it’s truly an unexpected explosion of color, prints and thrill. It’s all about joy, youth, fun and joie de vivre. In fact, I liked it so much that I instantly wanted to find out more about its story:

  1. Desigual was launched by Thomas Meyer in 1984, when he was just in his twenties. He wanted to create something different – and he made it happen.
  2. Meyer wanted a timeless brand, not just clothes that would live for only a season. So he ignored the trends and embraced the most powerful thing of all: emotion. No wonder that each Desigual piece has a story to tell, and even more, messages, like riddles, waiting to be guessed, discovered, or given a meaning.
  3. The story of Desigual started out in Barcelona, which still hosts the headquarters of the brand. The offices are conveniently placed in a fairytale location, in the magic neighborhood of the Mediterranean Sea.
  4. Desigual means women, men, and children’s clothing, shoes, bags, scarves, accessories, and of course that touch of magic.
  5. The Desigual outfits are now sold in more than 100 countries. But, more importantly, no matter what country you might be in, it is simply impossible not to spot that feel of je ne sais quoi of any Desigual piece. Every time, on any street of any city.

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