Look a la Alicia Vikander

You don’t have to be an expert to do it.

We all know Alicia Vikander. She is this cute talented actress, with a perfect skin and a gorgeous smile, who happens to date the handsome Michael Fassbender. Well, last year, Alicia proved that she’s way more than a pretty face. She starred in three great movies, won an Oscar and became one of the most loved style icons. No matter where you’ve seen her, whether it was in “The man from UNCLE”, “Ex-Machina” or the highly acclaimed “Danish Girl”, you must have noticed her genuine naturalness and that effortless look she pulls off all the time. Even when she’s attending sumptuous events. It’s not easy to create a natural make-up that still stands out, but it’s not difficult either. You just have to know where to begin and when to stop. So let’s get started. This is what you need to make the Alicia Vikander look happen in 20 minutes tops.



Perfect your skin

Cleanser, primer, foundation. It’s the basics we all know, so I’m not gonna insist on that. Try Guerlain Terracotta Joli Teint foundation to obtain that sun-kissed skin and the natural glow Alicia has. Follow with a light powder to make it last all night long. Givenchy Healthy Glow Powder is what you need for a translucent finish. Add up the blush, but be gentle and just tap a bit on the cheekbones for a subtle effect. Use Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting Blush to ensure a perfect contour.


Work the eyes out

For this particular eye make-up, you need four things: an eye shadow, a black eyeliner, a lengthening mascara and a steady hand. Pick up a golden shade (which looks amazing no matter your skin tone) and blend it all over the eyelids. Creamy eye shadows are easy to apply, so you can try Shiseido’s shimmering cream eye color. Now that we’ve reached the eyeliner, you can forget I mentioned the steady hand. You don’t need that, it’s actually quite easy. Apply Lancome Artliner (trust me, you’ll love the tip of the applicator) by drawing dots along the lashes. Start from the center of the eye outwards. At the end slightly connect the dots and you’re done.  Finish with a black mascara, such as Lancome Hypnose. A bestseller is gonna do the job right.




Soften the lips

Have you noticed Alicia is not a fan of shiny lipsticks? She’s definitely a matte lips kind of girl. However, her lips always look so natural, like she’s just been kissed by her lover (Fassbender, get out of my mind!). There’s a secret to that. Matte lipsticks look good on hydrated lips. So start using on a daily basis a balm that softens your lips, like the Moisture Replenishing Balm from Clarins. Then, before applying the lipstick, use a primer. Guerlain Kisskiss Liplift makes sure the color sticks on your lips for hours, so might wanna give it a try. On top of the primer apply the lipstick. Choose one of the soft neutral shades from Clinique’ Long Last Soft Matte.

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