Ajmal Shadow II for Him

The Ajmal Shadow II eau de parfum has the most mysterious exotic oriental aromas, just suitable for a seductive man

My story with Ajmal Shadow II is simple: it happened fast, when least expected – as always for a man. I was in the airport, about to head for Berlin, for a business meeting. I was thinking about presentations and business strategies and every other detail that might occur. And while I had about an hour or so to kill until boarding, I began – just to take my mind off – walking through the cosmetics’ shelves in a shop, just trying out things – and quite frankly, I wouldn’t have tried this fragrance unless my inbred attraction for the bottle design. And then the name: Shadow – Shadow II, actually, because it’s the second fragrance launched by Ajmal under this name. And, well, from this point on everything was easygoing: tried it, liked it, and bought it. And now I almost use it on a daily basis.

Shadow encloses bergamot and saffron, orange blossoms, vetiver and cedar wood. Its seducing character ends with patchouli, amber and musk – base notes that stay on your skin, literally, until the end of the day. It’s an oriental combination that brings about the most pleasant memories: and nope, I don’t mean here, my business trip to Berlin. But my wonderful vacation in Middle East, where I have spent a late autumn – perfect weather and all – and where I felt just great.

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