7 beauty resolutions

Or what I will change in my beauty routine in 2017

It would be nice, I admit, but I can’t go through the year from one party to another. Holiday is over, the New Year started, so I looked in the mirror and I decided not to stray from the promises below.



To have a radiant complexion

Even if I’m tempted to try all the novelties, in 2017 I decided to buy fewer skin care products, but of the highest quality. For the long months of winter, I chose the Abeille Royale day cream from Guerlain – for its brightness, firmness and anti-wrinkle actions.


To highlight my eyelashes

No day without mascara. Even if I don’t wear any make-up, the contoured eyelashes will surely save the day. And I want to start this year with a product that elongates the eyelashes – more particularly, Lash Doubling from Clinique.




To add volume to my hair

And it’s not mission impossible. I just have to apply at the root of the hair, after each washing, the volumizing spray from Moroccanoil. It contains argan oil and antioxidants, which protect the hair from the harmful effects of the hair dryer and other styling appliances.


To drink more water

Because, unfortunately, there are those days when I simply forget. I drink coffee, tea, but, somehow, I don’t drink enough water. And it’s visible on my complexion. So I’ve installed a phone app to remind me, several times a day, to drink a glass of water. Try it yourself! You can choose between iDrated, Waterlogged, Daily Water, OasisPlaces or Eight Glasses a Day. Of them all, only the last one is paid – and it’s only 0.99 dollars, so you’ve got no excuse.  




To try a new lipstick

Because lately I often wear pink shades during the day and red in the evening, I’ve set my mind to test darker shades – so well received both on the catwalks and also among the stars. And I chose La Petite Robe Noire from Guerlain.


To use a body cream daily

And, when I break this rule J, to use it for at least three times a week. However, I think that I’ll keep my word, as I discovered a body cream from Clarins which I really love: it hydrates and leaves my skin much more firm.




No make-up one day a week

With only one exception: mascara on the eyelashes. Otherwise, I promise to let my complexion breathe and spoil it with a hydrating mask: Cream Masque Divine from L’Occitane en Provence, with immortelle extract and shea butter. It smells divine and has a wonderful texture – a pleasure to use it.

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