5 gifts to put under the tree

For an inspired Santa Claus

Already counting the days until Christmas? Well, so do I! And, just as every year, I think about the gifts I’ll make to my loved ones. To my mom, sister and my friends. But I won’t let myself aside, either – I deserve a surprise, too, don’t I? Below you’ll find five gift suggestions that will simply be a delight to anyone dear to you.


A gorgeous bag

You’ll find it at Coccinelle, the renowned Italian brand for the exquisite bags that it creates. Choose a special model, in shades of black and yellow, decorated with a floral print. The design of the bag appeals to any women, especially since it is very easy to match it with all sorts of outfits.


A glittery bracelet

I am sure you’ll agree with me: we, women, we simply don’t ever have enough jewelry. So, if Santa brings us another one, we’ll be more than happy! Especially if it’s an elegant Swarovski bracelet, plated with rhodium and decorated with clear crystals. A perfect jewel for an elegant – day or evening – outfit.


A refined watch

A quality timepiece will be loved and worn for years on end. It’s the case of the ageless Hugo Boss watch, which I’ve put on my Christmas list: black, with a natural leather strap and clear crystals that shine on the dial. Furthermore, it is also waterproof, so there’s no problem if you forget to take it off in the shower.


A pair of sunglasses…

… That you couldn’t part from in the summer, when the sun is intense, nor in the winter when going skiing. Choose a pair from a brand that delivers a guarantee of quality, but that’s also known for its ingenious designs. I have opted for the Gucci sunglasses, with oversized lenses – I simply adore them.


An exceptional pen

I suspect you already know that I’m thinking of Montblanc, a brand known for the most elegant and most resilient writing instruments ever made. I added on the list a model from the Meisterstuck UNICEF collection: black, with silver details, handmade and, of course, with a gold nib. Or maybe was I supposed to pass it in the jewelry category? 🙂

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