5 cocktails to prepare in 5 minutes

And that are totally delicious!

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When you have friends over and want to serve them a drink, you kinda’ have two choices. The first: serve a glass of wine or prosecco. The second: prepare a cocktail. Yeah, absolutely, the latter sounds much tantalizing, yet it comes with, let’s say, a twist: not to spend the entire evening mixing drinks, and deciphering complicated recipes – it will, literally, rob you of all the time you’d else way spend with your loved ones. Here’s why, below, we’re gladly serving you with some cocktail ideas that can be prepared in just five minutes.



Modern English

Main ingredient: Bulldog Gin

What you need: 75 ml of gin, two lemon slices, 15 ml of maple syrup, a half a pear

How to prepare it: Put all the ingredients in a shaker, except the gin. Stir intensely, then pour the gin, fill the shaker with ice, mix again and strain everything well. Serve it in Martini glasses and garnish it with a cinnamon stick.


Jamaican Breeze

Main ingredient: Appletone Estate Jamaica Rum

What you need: A slice of ginger, 45 ml rum, 60 ml pineapple juice, 15 ml sugar syrup (boil equal quantities of water and sugar until the sugar melts) and a just a drop of Angostura bitter.

How to prepare it: Crush the ginger in a shaker. Add the rest of the ingredients and fill with ice. Strain and pour the content in a glass with ice. Garnish with a slice of lime.




Sex on the Beach

Main ingredient: Skyy Vodka

What you need: 45 ml vodka, 15 ml peach liquor, 60 ml cranberry juice, 60 ml orange juice

How to prepare it: Put three, four ice cubes in a tall glass. Add the vodka, the peach liquor, the cranberry juice and only then the orange one. Add also two, three slices of lemon. Stir well and garnish the edge of the glass with a slice of orange. You can also prepare this cocktail in a shaker, but you have to strain well the drink before you pour it into the glasses.


Espresso Martini

Main ingredient: Kahlua

What you need: 100 ml vodka, 50 ml Kahlua, 50 ml cold espresso, 25 ml cocoa cream.

How to prepare it: Mix all the ingredients in a shaker with some ice cubes. Serve it in a Martini glass.





Main ingredient: Campari

What you need: 30 ml Campari, 30 ml red vermouth and a touch of soda.

How to prepare it: Pour Campari and vermouth in a glass. Add ice until it’s filled, then slip in a bit of soda. Garnish with a slice of orange.

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