The rose shades from your glass

How to drink a rose wine, and a few things you didn’t know about it

The afternoons or evenings spent, with friends, over a glass of wine, surely mean relaxation and quality time with your loved ones. But, for this time to be truly enjoyable, then it’s really worth choosing a good wine and savor it by the book.

Once with the coming of spring, the red wine is no longer the first choice – it’s too hot for it. The rose, in turn, it’s appropriate both in summer and winter. It is best to be kept it in the fridge for a couple of hours before you open the bottle. Then enjoy it cold, along with light dishes, such as salads, rice dishes, chicken and – if you choose a light and dry rose – even fish. OK, but how is the rose produced, and what are the most interesting things about this wine? Find them below:


  1. The color of the wine is given by the shade of the grape berry skins. What’s the most popular way to make rose wine? The red grapes are crushed, yet their skins are left in contact with the obtained juice for a very short time – from a few hours up to two days, depending on the wine variety that is being produced. The longer the maceration lasts, the more intense the shade and the aroma of the wine will be.
  2. If you mix a white wine with a red one will you get a rose wine? Probably! However, this practice is forbidden in Europe.
  3. There is, however, an exception: the most common way to produce rose champagne is by the mixture I just mentioned above: white and red wine. But, again, this is only allowed in the Champagne region of France.
  4. Provence is considered to be the place where the rose was created for the first time – it seems like… more than 2600 years ago.
  5. Although some of the most famous rose wines in the world come from France, there are many exceptionally good ones from different corners of the world, like Austria, Greece, Italy, Morocco, South Africa or the United States of America.
  6. The passion for the rose wine is not just a trend. And the figures prove it: for 10 years now, in France, rose wines are being sold better than the white ones. As a result, the production of rose wines increased.
  7. In the case of the rose wine, the rule according to which the wine gets better with age does not apply. So pick a recent rose and you won’t fail.
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